Use Clarityflow Commerce to sell coaching in Clarityflow

Clarityflow Commerce is the suite of selling tools built right into Clarityflow, designed to power the way you sell coaching packages, subscriptions, courses, group memberships, and more.

The video above and the docs below will cover all that you need to get started with selling on Clarityflow Commerce.

Connect your Stripe account

In order to sell products and take payments via Clarityflow Commerce, you'll need to connect your Stripe account.

Open your account settings (top-left menu) > Account settings > Stripe account.

  • If you already own a Stripe account, you can connect it in a couple of clicks.

  • Don't have a Stripe account yet? Follow the button to be guided through the setup of your Stripe account. You'll be up and running and ready to start taking payments in a matter of minutes!

Everything in Clarityflow Commerce is synced with the corresponding things in Stripe. This includes:

  • Your products

  • Prices on your products

  • Purchases and payments for your products

  • Customer records

Create a product

To create your first product, go to Commerce > Products > Create a new product.

Start by giving your Product a name. Then fill in the rest of the settings and configurations for how you want to sell this product (details in the sections below).

A product can be priced any number of ways:

  • Free (no price)

  • 1 or several prices

  • Recurring prices (subscriptions) with optional trial periods and end dates

Setup purchase actions

Purchase actions are the thing(s) that happen when a customer purchases your product. Mostly, these manage what the customer will gain access to when they purchase.

When editing a Product > Under "Actions" add one or more action.

All of these actions will run whenever a purchase is made.

Examples of purchase actions you can set up on a product:

  • Start a new conversation for the purchaser

  • Add the purchaser to a pre-existing conversation

  • Invite the purchaser as a member of a Group or a cohort of a Group (formerly known as "Space")

  • Enroll the purchaser in a Course (formerly known as "Program")

  • Update a contact attribute on the purchaser

  • Allow the purchaser to post replies in the current conversation

Subscription products

Products that price(s) that are set up for recurring billing are subscription products. Subscription products will automatically charge the customer's credit card on a recurring basis for the lifetime of the subscription.

You can configure all aspects of the way a subscription is billed, including:

  • The frequency of billing (every X days, weeks, months, years)

  • Optional trial period

  • Optional end date (good for selling a fixed-price product but paid in multiple installments).

In addition to purchase actions, which (like any product) will run when the subscription product is initially purchased, subscription products also come with subscription end actions. These are actions that occur when the customer's subscription is canceled.

  • Purchase actions typically grant the customer access to things (conversations, groups, courses, etc.)

  • Subscription end actions typically revoke the customer's access (remove or close conversations, remove from group, etc.)

Redirect after purchase

When editing a product, under the "After purchase" section, you can configure where the customer should be redirected to after a successful purchase. In this same section, you can also customize an onboarding flow to push the purchaser through (provided they aren't already a user in Clarityflow).

By default, the customer won't be redirected anywhere. They'll remain on the page and see a custom success message that you define.

Alternatively, you can set it to redirect the customer to various destinations, including the newly created conversation that's been created for them, a group, or a course enrollment. You also have the option to redirect to a custom URL.

Customize email notifications

When configuring a product, under the "Emails" section you can customize the purchase confirmation email that customers receive upon purchasing a product.

It comes pre-populated with typical confirmation info about the purchase. There are also several dynamic tags you can use to output things like the purchase price and the customer's billing information (last 4 digits of their credit card, etc.).

If the product is a subscription, you can customize additional emails, including:

  • The email sent every time the customer is successfully charged for a recurring subscription payment

  • The email sent if a customer's recurring billing charge has been declined, which includes a link for the customer to resolve their payment.

Create a landing page to sell a product

Every product comes with a landing page that you can customize and use to promote and sell your product.

Customize the content of this page in the product editor under "Purchase flow."

The colors of the page can be customized in your account's custom branding settings.

Sell your product from your own website, email, or social media

If you'd like to use your own website, pages, or social media to promote your products (instead of using the landing page that Clarityflow provides), you can use the embeddable "buy now" button or point links to the purchase flow URL.

Edit a product > under "Purchase flow" > "Call to action button", you'll find:

  • Embed code for a simple HTML button that you can place within your own page design

  • The URL that points to the checkout on Clarityflow for this product. Use this in your custom links on your site, in your emails, on social media, etc.

Make sales in your async conversations in Clarityflow

One of the best ways to sell your products in Clarityflow is directly inside your async conversations with people!

For example:

  • If you're async messaging with a prospective client, you can reply with a message that contains the link to purchase an engagement with you.

  • When messaging with a client, you can send a purchase for an up-sell offer.

Whenever you create a new message, you can open the message type selector in the top-right of the message creator, then click "Product" and select a product to offer in this message. You can customize the text that goes along with it.

When a product offer is shown in a message, anyone else in the conversation can click it to buy it. After purchases are made, you will see those listed there on the message.

  • Purchasers will see that they've purchased.

You can also build product offers right into your message templates, stored in your Library, and then insert these message templates (with product offers) into your conversations, your programs, etc.

Clients' billing portals

Once a client has purchased anything, they will be able to access their personal area in Clarityflow, which shows them:

  • Their list of purchases

  • Their payments history

  • Their subscriptions, with options to cancel or update them

  • Their stored payment methods, with options to update or delete them

Track sales activity

You can track all of your sales activity in several ways:

  • In the main "Commerce" section, see overall lists of:

    • All customers who've ever purchased anything

    • All purchases

    • All payments

    • All subscriptions

  • You can drill down to a specific product and find the same lists (customers, purchases, payments, subscriptions).

  • You can view any contact to see that person's purchases, payments, and subscriptions.

This guide details one of the many features of Clarityflow, the coaching software that powers modern coaching practices of all types. Learn more about Clarityflow.