How Coaches Use Clarityflow

See all the most popular types of coaching businesses being run on Clarityflow's comprehensive coaching software.

1-to-1 Coaching

Direct 1-to-1 coaching relationships are at the core of Clarityflow. You and your client can engage in deep, long-running (or short-term) coaching sessions—live or async—using Clarityflow's easy-to-use conversational layout.

Conversations with threaded replies
Audio, video, & text messaging
Calendar scheduling
Coaching mobile app
Sell coaching engagments

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Group Coaching

Host coaching groups and cohorts on Clarityflow without duct-taping multiple software tools and making your members jump through hoops. From small-group conversations to group coaching programs at scale, Clarityflow is perfect for group coaching.

Group Conversations
Group Spaces & Memberships
Cohort-based programs
Sell subscriptions

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Async Coaching

Asynchronous ('async' for short) coaching conversations are what Clarityflow is most known for. Swap messages with clients using video, audio, or text and keep your conversations flowing—without packing your schedule or worrying about timezone lag.

Video, audio, and text messaging
Mobile messaging
Conversations with threaded replies
Grant (and revoke) access
Intake forms

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Interactive Courses

Offering self-paced courses along with your coaching? This combo is where Clarityflow truly thrives. Enroll clients in video courses, drip sequences, interactive Q&A, and then offer personalized coaching threaded along with a client's learning path.

Video course builder
Automated drip sequences
Interactive workflows
Personalized learning paths
Coaching templates library

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All Types of Coaching Businesses Rely on Clarityflow

Coaches of all types, across so many different industries, find it easy to use Clarityflow and tailor it to the specific needs of their client base.

“With Clarityflow, I'm able to stay in touch with so many clients, so much easier. My coaching clients also use it for feedback in between our coaching sessions.”
Joel Eschenbach, Coach, Notion Design Group
“Clarityflow gives my clients and I an easy way to work together when it's convenient, even coaching on small things (before they become big things). It's so valuable for us both.”
Cristin Downs, Executive Coach
“Not every client meeting needs to be on Zoom! Clarityflow lets me go async with the full power of video.”
Andrew Monaghan, Sales Coach
“Clarityflow allows me to offer a on-demand coaching (1-on-1) that earns extra recurring revenue without adding any meetings to my calendar. My clients love it!”
John Meese, Business Coach & Author

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