Understand the types of users in Clarityflow

There are two types of users in Clarityflow:

  1. Team Members: The account owner and any other team members invited into the account. Account members are usually your employees or partners. Your plan determines how many account members (a.k.a. "team members") can be invited to your account.

  2. Respondents (a.k.a. guests or clients): Typically these are your clients and others. They've been invited to communicate in your account's conversations, invited to your courses or groups, or made purchases via Clarityflow Commerce. Perhaps they've responded to a public conversation or intake page and registered themselves along the way. All of these will register a user as a Respondent user.

    • Note:

      • You can invite unlimited respondent users to communicate with you in Clarityflow.

      • Respondent (guest or client) users do not need to sign up for their own Clarityflow trial account.

      • Respondent (guests or clients) users do not need to pay for Clarityflow to communicate with you in your account.

Both team members and respondents may be participants in a conversation. For more on how conversation participants are managed, see here.

Let's dive into both of these in detail:

Team Members

The person who creates the account is the first team member—the owner.  You can invite other team members (employees, partners, etc.) to your account and they will all be members of your account.

See pricing to find out how many team member seats are available in your plan.

Team members can be given any of these roles, which have the following permissions:

  • Owner: There can only be one. Can do everything.

  • Admin: Can do everything except manage billing for the account.

  • Member: Can create and manage conversations in the account. Cannot invite other team members or change account settings.


When a person is invited to a conversation (or a course, group, etc.), they become a respondent user.

Respondents can be invited to conversations and they can post messages to conversations.  Being a respondent user in Clarityflow is completely free.

However, respondents cannot start conversations of their own. If the respondent wants to make full use of Clarityflow for their own use, they can start their own Clarityflow account.

For more on what others see when they're invited to your conversations, see this guide.

This guide details one of the many features of Clarityflow, the coaching software that powers modern coaching practices of all types. Learn more about Clarityflow.