12 Best Alternatives to Loom: Full Comparison Guide [2023]

Nathan Vander Heyden October 26, 2022

Loom has been the go-to for screen recording and video messaging for a while now.

And if you just want to record short video messages (rather than communicate with context), then Loom does the job pretty well.

But when you need more than just a screen recorder or video maker, it has several limitations:

  • Loom messages can easily get lost in an email chain or a load of Slack messages.

  • Loom is one-sided. It is not great for back-and-forth communication.

  • Unless you upgrade to a paid plan, Loom videos are limited to 5 minutes.

  • Editing capabilities are scarce, and you can't add text to your videos.

In this article, we'll discuss the best Loom alternatives, comparing them on use cases, key features, and pricing.

3 Must-Have Features You'll Want to Look For

Before we get going with our list of Loom alternatives, it pays to check in with what we're looking out for in this comparison guide.

Feature #1: Easy Screen Recording

It is, after all, the major thing Loom does. Their screen recorder has been the gold standard for a long time, but what's missing is the rest of the tools you might need for online communication.

Feature #2: Quick video messaging

Screen recording tools are great, but often, being able to record your webcam at the same time is necessary. If you're perusing this list, make sure you can use screen sharing and video recording simultaneously.

Feature #3: Video editing

We all make mistakes, and it's handy not to have to re-record your screen if you stuff up. A simple video editing tool can ease the pain of making post-recording edits. And can quickly and easily clean up any of your presentations.

Now that we know what we're looking for, let's get started with our list!

1. Clarityflow - Record your screen and swap video, audio, or text messages with anyone.

First up on our list of loom alternatives is Clarityflow.

Mainly because it offers everything that Loom does (screen recording, video recording, and video editing) but does so much more of the communication heavy-lifting, especially if you work with clients.

Loom's core limitation is that it's a one-sided screen recording tool.

Whereas Clarityflow is an asynchronous communication tool. You can use it for client interactions or collaborations with colleagues and partners, and all your conversations are kept in one clean, organized space.

You can record video or audio messages or even stick with text-only to share your thoughts and feedback. And if you want to maximize team or client collaboration (but avoid live meetings), Clarityflow is an excellent alternative to holding endless meetings.

Here are four key features that make it different (and better):

#1 Boost collaboration with async communication

Clarityflow is the perfect tool to enable back-and-forth communication without resorting to a live call.

You can use the built-in screen recorder and record video messages with just a few mouse clicks (audio, text format, or file uploads are also available) Plus, you get unlimited conversations on any account level.

Anyone and everyone can contribute. They don't need to install anything, download anything – or even register – to be part of the conversation. Simply add someone's email to the conversation, or send them a public link, and they can view your message with ease.

#2 Keep track of everything with a threaded conversation

Because Loom is for one-way communication, links, and videos can easily get lost.

Clarityflow, on the other hand, keeps everything on a single thread with one link that everyone can share and access all your video messages, files, and screen recordings.

You can also use tags to organize your conversations and filter your messages to easily find what you're looking for.

#3 Attach different file types for effective communication

Clarityflow allows you to attach more than just a screen recording or video message. You can attach any file to your message.

Plus, Clarityflow supports embedding Loom videos in your async conversations so that you and your clients can easily reply and keep the conversation on one page (even if you use a bunch of different tools!)

#4 Exchange ideas through the format that suits your communication style.

This is the best way to express yourself exactly how you need to when you need to.

As far as loom alternatives go, Clarityflow is an excellent option that can replace any other screen recording app you might consider. While giving you a delightful selection of other excellent collaboration features and benefits:

  • Avoid lengthy looks through email to find the right conversation (Clarityflow keeps it all in one place.)

  • Give people the option to communicate in their preferred style. Some people hate video, so offering a text option is super helpful (Clarityflow offers text, audio, video, screen recording, and file uploads.)

  • Manage contacts and clients within your database and sync up with other tools you need to integrate with.

And since we've introduced video editing features – it can help create personalized videos or recordings for anyone you interact with (you can even use templates and intake pages when you sign up for one of our paid plans, which saves tons of time.)

As a coach, consultant, or remote team member - async communication is becoming the gold standard for improving collaboration and online interaction. And Clarityflow can help you seamlessly integrate it into your regular workday and current coaching or consulting packages.


  • 14-day free trial

  • Basic: $49/month

  • Pro: $99/month

  • Plus: $199/month

2. Vidyard - Video recording tool for virtual sales

If you're looking for excellent video analytics and personalized videos that help you generate leads and increase sales, Vidyard is a suitable alternative.

Vidyard specializes in video personalization. You have lots of options to cater to your audience.

You can edit content, create playlists, and generate gifs for your thumbnails.

Vidyard also includes a dashboard that allows you to track your video metrics. Analyze audience engagement, views over time, and other vital metrics.

Because the platform is all about sales, its features are made to enhance your demos or outreach calls.

Whether pitching to new clients or closing lucrative deals, you can use Vidyard as one of your loom alternatives to sending video messages, track video performance, or as a customer feedback tool.

Pricing: free version available. Pro: $29/month.

3. Cloudapp - Screen recording app for remote team members

Next on our list of loom alternatives is Cloudapp, a video creation tool that revolves around visual communication.

You can make quick video messages, annotate screenshots, generate gifs, and record your screen.

With video sharing and secure data storage, Cloudapp is great for editing and personalizing your content to share it with colleagues.

And, no need to worry about losing any of your work anymore: Cloudapp uploads content directly to the cloud.

The cherry on top: Cloudapp integrates with other collaboration tools like Trello and Slack.

Pricing: A free version is available, with plans starting at $8/month.

4. Camtasia - Create professional video recordings and training tutorials

If you need a video recording tool to help you create video tutorials and other educational content, Camtasia is your best bet.

The tool comes with many prebuilt video templates and a library of royalty-free music, which helps reduce editing time and enables you to create high-quality videos easily.

Camtasia is also a desktop app with loads of features that allow you to create unique, interactive content. You can even add voice-overs, graphics, and captions to your material.

Plus, the platform is all about creating tutorials and educational content. Interactivity is a huge feature, and you can easily allow your users to engage fully by adding quizzes and surveys, making it an excellent customer feedback tool.

Pricing: all packages at $299.99/year.

5. Clip by ClickUp - Video and screen recording in a project management tool

If you're a current ClickUp user or need a new project management tool, try Clip by Clickup.

Clip is a video and screen recording tool developed by ClickUp.

This Loom alternative syncs up with the entire ClickUp ecosystem, which means you can embed videos within ClickUp tasks to collaborate more effectively with your team.

Clip isn't an online video editor. But what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for in convenience; simply click, record videos, and share.

Even if you don't use ClickUp as your main project management tool, Clip is still great at helping you coordinate tasks and communicate effectively.

It's compatible with your desktop, mobile, and browser – you don't need to download anything.

Pricing: Free version available.

6. Soapbox - Simple screen recording software

Soapbox is the best option if you already have a Wistia account or want to allow team collaboration while making video content.

You'll need to make a Wistia account if you don't have one already. Once created, you can export videos to Wistia for data analytics and other cool functions.

This Loom alternative requires minimal configuration. It's a Chrome extension that acts as a screen recorder and will record your webcam at the same time.

Once you're happy with your video or screen recording, share it with a link or add it to an email.

Soapbox also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues while making content. This sets it apart from the other tools on our list.

Pricing: A free option is available, with plans at $300/year for solopreneurs and $420/year for teams.

7. Snagit - Entire screen capture and recording software

If you want to quickly capture your screen or record videos spontaneously and/or create gifs; Snagit could be a game-changer.

One of Snagit's best features is that it can extract text from images and videos if you add it to the library. Loom doesn't have this functionality.

When your team is using different platforms and apps, you need to be able to share your content with everyone. Snagit has got you covered, as it is compatible across multiple platforms.

It's a simple concept: record your entire computer screen or just a part of it.

Include webcam videos, and edit the video before you share. Snagit allows you to add personal touches and multiple layouts to your content. They also have a desktop app so you can use it without the browser tab.

Pricing: starting at $62.99/year.

8. VEED - Video editing made easy

If you need an all-in-one online video editor, check out VEED

You can add subtitles to create more engaging content. You can also add annotations and drawings to make your content stand out.

VEED is very easy to use – you don't need to be a pro to edit your content. You can start producing high-quality videos immediately.

The tool has many capture options. Capture the entire screen and your webcam, both simultaneously or just the audio. VEED makes it easy to include what you need and exclude what you don't.

Pricing: A free plan is available with paid plans starting at $18/month.

9. Sendspark - Send video messages and increase sales

Sendspark is an excellent substitute for creating videos and increasing sales.

The tool offers plenty of branding support for color schemes, logos, and domain names. This really allows you to show off your brand when messaging potential clients.

And if you need to create a lot of content quickly, then Sendspark is a better option than Loom. Use the templates provided to produce content that is personalized and scalable.

With advanced analytics, Sendspark also shows who's watching your videos, viewer location, and how much of your content they have watched.

Pricing: free option available, with plans starting at $15/month

10. Screencastify - Record, edit, and share custom videos

Your touch-and-go solution for educational content is none other than Screencastify.

Screencastify focuses on letting you create exceptional educational content. You can embed interactive questions within the videos you create, enhance your videos, highlight your screen, and add text.

The platform is also great for back-and-forth interaction. Assign tasks to students or mentees and collect submissions via an embedded link. This is awesome for coaches specifically.

Plus, Screencastify is a community. It provides loads of additional resources for educators to increase student engagement. These include videos, webinars, blog posts, and podcasts.

Pricing: A free plan is available, with paid plans starting at $15/month.

11. ScreenRec - Unlimited recording for your async communication

For a simple and free async communication tool, give ScreenRec a go.

ScreenRec has no pricing plan. It's a free Loom alternative. So if you don't want to pay a subscription but want to record quality content, ScreenRec could be perfect for you.

While Loom's free account only allows you to record 5 minutes of content at a time, ScreenRec has no such limits.

This means you don't have to rush. Record for as long as you want, say everything you need to say and only then stop recording your video.

Considering it is free, ScreenRec allows you to do quite a lot. You can record your webcam and screen, take and annotate screenshots, and send encrypted video messages to your colleagues.

Pricing: free forever!

12. Jumpshare

If you have limited computing power and need a fast, lightweight alternative to Loom, check out Jumpshare.

One of the main differences between Loom and Jumpshare is that Jumpshare uses native code. If you have a limited CPU this makes a big difference. And Jumpshare allows you to create content without slowing down your computer.

The platform also allows you to control what people can do with the content you share. Enable or disable downloads, set your links' expiration dates, and take total control over your content.

Jumpshare aims to streamline your whole experience by consolidating everything in one app. This includes video recording, screenshot capture, and file sharing.

Pricing: A free version + plans starting at $10/month are available.

That's a wrap on our list of alternatives to Loom!

Loom is perhaps the most well-known screen recording tool, but it isn't the only one.

And, depending on your needs, it isn't the best one, either.

Our advice: Explore this definitive list of Loom alternatives and find the tool with your must-have features. You may find a combination that works best and can mix in free and paid versions depending on your budget.

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