Sell coaching effortlessly and streamline your business

Clarityflow is the game-changing tool that simplifies selling coaching programs, streamlines client onboarding, and delivers engaging experiences in one seamless solution.


Selling coaching shouldn’t be complicated.

Don't let friction in your purchasing flow deter potential clients from investing in your coaching service.

Ensure a smooth start to every coaching relationship with seamless purchase flows that pave the way for meaningful engagements.

Read on to discover how Clarityflow streamlines your coaching business, from payment processing to delivering engaging programs.

“Clarityflow has allowed me to expand my pricing options. I can give personalized coaching at a more accessible price point, allowing me to help more people and grow my business revenue.”
Cristin Downs, Executive Coach
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Why coaches trust Clarityflow for payments to engagements

The days of duct-taping multiple tools together are behind us. Sell coaching and scale your client relationships all in one solution.

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Build Your Business

Sell Coaching

Sell access to coaching programs, groups, and courses using one-time purchaseable products, installment plans or subscriptions. Managing client billing is a breeze.

Sell Access

Create your coaching packages with value-added products that clients can purchase on-demand.

Subscriptions & Plans

Easily sell and manage recurring subscriptions, payment plans or one-time purchases.

Group coaching  payments
Successful coaching purchase notification
Stay Connected

Coaching Conversations

Swap video, voice, or text messages in threaded, asynchronous conversations with clients and groups. As easy as sharing a link, pressing record, and send.

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Threaded Conversations

A dedicated page for your back-and-forth conversation, with sub-threads. It's easy to navigate and refer back to what was said.

Multimedia Messaging

Camera, mic, text, screen share, file attachments, embeds... Say it with clarity every time.

Camera video message
Audio message
Client Success

Client Onboarding

Guide new clients from payment to a personalized onboarding flow and welcome sequence that leads straight into your coaching program. A streamlined onboarding experience sets every client up for success.

Welcome Message

Welcome every client with a personalized welcome message (or use a template) that sets them up for success.

Automate & Scale

Onboard many clients with every launch and ensure a smooth flow for every new enrollment.

Client welcome video
Client enrollment
Launch to groups

Sell Group Coaching

Launch your group coaching program and sell spots using a cohort model or grow an evergreen premium community. Host group spaces where members can interact with one another and with you.

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Grow communities

Combine your course with community and coaching. Plus it's all async, so it's easy for members to stay connected across timezones.

Cohorts or Evergreen

Run group cohorts with a scheduled start and finish or grow an evergreen community.

Group coaching space
Members list
Interactive products

Sell Courses

Create and sell interactive courses that mix content from your coaching library with workflow automations and personalized coaching for a truly interactive experience.

More on creating courses

Personalized Lessons

Tailor each student's course content to their specific needs, wherever they're at in their journey.

Coach every student

Students can learn and ask questions of you (coach) or ask others in their cohort.

Coaching course
Workflow automation
“Clarityflow has really streamlined my business. In 6 weeks, my calendar had only 15 meetings, down from 43 this time last year!”
Sean Pritzkau, Coach & Strategist
“Clarityflow allows me to offer a on-demand coaching (1-on-1) that earns extra recurring revenue without adding any meetings to my calendar. My clients love it!”
John Meese, Business Coach & Author

Questions to consider when buying software to sell coaching

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Yes—Clarityflow connects directly to your Stripe account, which will process credit cards and send payouts to your bank account. Connecting your Stripe account to Clarityflow is done in just a couple of clicks.

Clarityflow then takes care of managing your coaching products and granting access to your programs when customers make a purchase. It also serves as your customers' billing portal where they can manage their payment methods, subscriptions, and receive invoices.

When you sell coaching through Clarityflow, your customers get an easy-to-use customer portal where they can update their payment methods, see their payments history, manage their subscription, and download their invoices.

Sending invoices manually works fine, but it involves quite a bit of manual legwork! From preparing the invoice, collecting payment, to administering which client gets access to which program(s), that's... A lot.

Clarityflow streamlines the business side of your coaching business by automatically giving access to the right coaching programs when a customer makes a purchase.

Plus, it gives you an organized dashboard to see all of your customers and payments. Your clients get an easy-to-use portal where they can manage their payment methods, get invoices, and more.

With all that admin work handled, you can focus on delivering an exceptional coaching experience.

Yes, yes, and yes!

You can easily set up subscription products where customers are charged automatically on a recurring basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). Subscriptions are fully integrated with your coaching programs so that clients access is automatically granted and revoked as their subscription status changes.

Clarityflow lets you sell using one-time payment products as well as installment products, where clients can make several payments spread out over a fixed length of time.

Clarityflow gives you the tools to create, brand, and offer group coaching programs to your clients in a customizeable—and brandable—solution.

Map your own domain name, apply your own brand and colors. Create your group coaching programs and welcome sequences in the best way you know how (or we're here to help with that too!).

It couldn't be simpler!

It's as easy as plugging in your Stripe account and configuring the coaching products you wish to sell using Clarityflow. Don't have a Stripe account yet? We'll set you up with one in just a few clicks. You can be up and running with selling your coaching programs today.

Everything you need to scale your coaching business.

Coaching doesn't need to be complicated.

But it does need to be effective. Give your clients the best possible experience when working with you.

Client Messaging

Stay connected with threaded async messaging with video, screen, audio, or text.

Coaching Library

Turn your best advice, methods and frameworks into reusable content templates.


Automatically send messages to clients on a schedule or triggered on their interactions.


Offer interactive courses and workshops.


Create dedicated spaces to host your different coaching groups and cohorts.


Sell your coaching products and programs with buy now buttons and subscriptions.

Your Domain + Brand

Map your own domain name and branding to craft a bespoke experience for your clients.

Mobile App

Message with clients on the go with our native app or mobile web app. Clarityflow goes with you.


Audio and video conversations are automatically transcribed and available immediately.

Plus more features than we even have space for...

Conversation Pages

Export Recordings

Branded Link URL

Embed On Your Site

Intake Forms

Webhooks & REST API

Custom Backgrounds

Email Composer

Sell coaching with ease.