Pre-set conversation attributes via an intake page URL

Sometimes, before an intake page response is submitted, you might want to pre-define some attributes of the resulting conversation.

Currently, you can pre-set the following attributes by using special URL parameters appending to your intake page URL:

  • The conversation title

  • A conversation subscriber email

Pre-set the conversation title

Let's say your intake page URL is /bluthecompany.

By default, when someone submits the form on this page, it creates a conversation using a default title like "Conversation with (person's name)" or "February 14th Conversation".

You can pre-set a custom title by appending the title parameter to the intake page URL. To append a parameter, add ? to the end of the URL, followed by the first parameter.

Note: You will need to replace each space with %20 so that the title is encoded properly.

For example, let's say you want to pre-set the title to: "Customer Support Inquiry for Product ABC." You would want to point customers to this intake page URL:


Pre-set 1 conversation email subscriber

When editing the settings on an existing conversation, you have the option to add subscriber email addresses. These emails will receive a notification anytime a new message is posted to this conversation. Recipients of these email addresses have the option to 1-click unsubscribe themselves.

Using a parameter on your intake page, you can set a single email subscriber on the resulting conversation.

To do this, you can append the subscriber_email parameter to the intake page URL.

For example, if you want the resulting conversation to have as a subscriber, you would send someone to an intake page at this URL:


Combining multiple parameters

You can set both a custom title and a subscriber email by using & in between these 2 parameters in the URL, like this:


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