Archive conversations

When you're finished with a conversation and you no longer want it to clutter up your list of conversations, you can archive a conversation.

Archiving a conversation is a good way to remove it without permanently deleting the conversation.

When a conversation is archived, the following is true:

  • Archived conversations don't display in your main list of conversations, by default.

  • Archived conversations will not show up when you search in Clarityflow.

  • Archived conversations cannot be retrieved via Zapier.

  • Archived conversations cannot be retrieved via the API.

Other than the above, archived conversations still function normally. Their URLs remain active and messages can still be viewed and created inside an archived conversation.

In other words, if you've previously shared a link to a conversation, and that conversation has become archived, those you shared the link with can still access the conversation.

Accessing your archived conversations

To access the conversations that are archived, use the Filter dropdown.

Archived Conversations

Click "Show archived" to apply a filter that will only show conversations that are archived.

You can apply additional filters while viewing your archived conversations.

To unarchive a conversation, open its settings and click "Unarchive conversation."

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