Customize your onboarding flow for product purchasers

Kat Boogaard April 22, 2024

There are plenty of ways a new client can first enter your coaching business — including purchasing one of your products. When somebody takes that step, you understandably want your impression to be positive and your client’s experience to be smooth.

With this new invitation onboarding feature, you can make sure that happens.

Let’s talk about how this works: When you use Clarityflow Commerce to sell your products — whether it’s your coaching packages, group memberships, resources, or anything else — your buyers could be at numerous different points in their journey.

For example, one purchaser could be one of your existing coaching clients. But another purchaser might be someone who’s brand new to you and decided to buy.

Previously, when new people would purchase from you in Clarityflow Commerce, they all had the same experience: They were redirected to whatever they bought access to and received an automatically generated password via email.

That was it. There was no series of steps for them to follow.  No “welcome” video or helpful introduction to your business.

While that experience might be fine for existing clients of yours who were already familiar with who you are, what you do, and how to use Clarityflow, it wasn’t enough for your brand new clients — the ones who purchased as their very first step.

They were just dropped into Clarityflow with no fanfare or friendliness and were probably left feeling a lot like Dorothy in Oz as a result.

Now, with the launch of this new feature, when new clients purchase a product from you, you can lead them through a totally customizable invitation onboarding process. Clarityflow will recognize if the purchaser is an entirely new user and, if so, will push them through your desired flow.

This addition is a great way to elevate the onboarding experience for your new clients and help them feel more onboarded and oriented when they make a purchase — and a little less dazed and discombobulated.

Try it out today in Clarityflow!

Kat Boogaard

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