Clarityflow Commerce has arrived!

Brian Casel December 19, 2023

It's finally here!

Clarityflow now gives you a full suite of tools to sell your coaching services, products, courses, group memberships, and more. It's all part of a big new feature we call Clarityflow Commerce.

The launch of Clarityflow Commerce is the culmination of a year of product updates that expand Clarityflow beyond its humble beginnings as just an async messaging tool to a full-featured platform to power your coaching business—now including the ability to sell your coaching!

Process payments using your own Stripe account

We decided to build Clarityflow Commerce around the most popular payments processing platform on the web: Stripe. You can connect your own Stripe account or open one up in just a few clicks. Then away you go!

You're probably wondering: Does Clarityflow take a cut of your sales? Nope! We don't charge any transaction fees when you sell using Clarityflow Commerce. The only payment processing fees you pay are Stripe's normal processing fees.

3 advantages of Clarityflow Commerce

Aside from all the basics of being able to sell one-time purchases, subscriptions, etc. there are a few unique advantages to powering your coaching business with Clarityflow Commerce:

1: Sell from anywhere

Clarityflow gives you a basic landing page builder to promote and sell your products.

Or you can embed a "buy now" button on your own website.

But here's my favorite way to sell with Clarityflow Commerce:

Offer products and sell them directly in your async conversations in Clarityflow! Discussing a new engagement with a prospect and they're ready to buy? Send them the offer and let them buy right there, then continue your conversation! Got an up-sell offer you want to give to a client? Pop it right into your conversation.

As always, you can save message templates in your Library, which include these product offers, then drop them into any conversation, any program, or any automated response via your workflows.

2: Automated purchase flows

The days of rigging up complex Zapier integrations to duct-taping together your payments flow all your other tools are over!

With Clarityflow commerce, whenever a purchase is made, you can seamless send the customer on to access whatever you want them to get in Clarityflow. Their purchase can trigger the creation of a new conversation, or grant them access to a group space, or enroll them in a course, and more...

Selling subscriptions? You can also trigger things when the clients' subscription ends. Revoke their access from a group, or close their conversation from new messages, and more.

3: Easy-to-use client billing portal

The days of making your clients jump through hoops and use multiple different tools just to pay you and access your coaching programs are over!

Clarityflow Commerce gives your clients an easy-to-use interface to purchase and access their coaching engagement with you.

Clients can manage their payment methods, access their payments history, and manage their subscription with you, all inside their Clarityflow dashboard.

And if a client's recurring payment for their subscription is declined, Clarityflow notifies them and gives your client an easy way to resolve their payment issue. Easy peasy!

Try it today!

Clarityflow Commerce brings Clarityflow to a whole new level of power for your business.

Now's a better time than ever to give it a try.

Come join us!

About Brian Casel

Product designer and founder of Clarityflow. Writer and entrepreneur who coaches fellow entrepreneurs on starting and sustaining businesses in software and services.

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