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Kat Boogaard May 20, 2024

Imagine that you create a free course (or, as we call it in Clarityflow, a Program) and you want to offer access to your entire audience to build your credibility and generate interest in your coaching services.

Previously, doing so was a little clunky. Within Clarityflow, you needed to create a single invitation for every person you wanted to enroll in your Program. And while our batch invitations feature made that a little less time-consuming, you still need to enter the email address of every single person to add them.

This is where our new multi-use invitations feature comes in handy and makes this process both faster and easier. Now, you can create a single, shareable link that’s easily sent to a large group of people.

When they click that link, they go through your predetermined and customized onboarding steps before being brought to your chosen destination. 

So, let’s revisit our Program example. When you have your free course ready to go, you can create a multi-use invitation link to send in your newsletter, post to your social media accounts, include in a blog post, and more.

When somebody clicks that link? They’ll get onboarded into Clarityflow and then land wherever you want them to—whether it’s a Program, a Space, or even a specific conversation.

It’s an easy and efficient way to share a resource with a large group of people and give them a straightforward, helpful, and positive experience right from the get-go.

Sound like something you need? Try it in Clarityflow today!

Kat Boogaard

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