The Clarityflow Firefox Extension

Add Clarityflow to Firefox so that you can fire up a new Clarityflow conversation while browsing any other web page. Chrome user? We've got that extension too.

Add Clarityflow to your Firefox Extensions

Use the handy Clarityflow Firefox Extension to fire up a video message while browsing any web page.

  • Start a Clarityflow conversation and message without having to visit your Clarityflow dashboard.

  • Switch between multiple Clarityflow accounts from the extension.

  • Add the handy bookmarklet link to your browser bookmarks (works on mobile!)

Everything you need to scale your coaching business.

Coaching doesn't need to be complicated.

But it does need to be effective. Give your clients the best possible experience when working with you.

Client Messaging

Stay connected with threaded async messaging with video, screen, audio, or text.

Coaching Library

Turn your best advice, methods and frameworks into reusable content templates.


Automatically send messages to clients on a schedule or triggered on their interactions.


Offer interactive courses and workshops.


Create dedicated spaces to host your different coaching groups and cohorts.


Sell your coaching products and programs with buy now buttons and subscriptions.

Your Domain + Brand

Map your own domain name and branding to craft a bespoke experience for your clients.

Mobile App

Message with clients on the go with our native app or mobile web app. Clarityflow goes with you.


Audio and video conversations are automatically transcribed and available immediately.

Plus more features than we even have space for...

Conversation Pages

Export Recordings

Branded Link URL

Embed On Your Site

Intake Forms

Webhooks & REST API

Custom Backgrounds

Email Composer

Use Clarityflow & Install it on Firefox