New Floating Recorder

Brian Casel February 14, 2024

Conversations in Clarityflow often accumulate many (many!) async messages and threads.  But with this convenient conversational layout comes one common hangup:

When you're recording a new message, you might scroll away from the recorder while you're still recording (to reference something, or show a part of your screen, etc.).  Then when you're ready to finish your recording, you can't find your active recorder!  So the end of your recorded footage includes you hunting and saying "uhh, where's the stop button?"

Not ideal.

So we fixed that today :)

Now when you start a recording, you'll see a new "floating" bar at the top-right corner of your browser window.  This stays fixed in view, even if you scroll down the page, so that when you're finished (or if you need to pause and resume), you'll have easy and quick access to do so.

It also includes a handy "Go to message" button, which scrolls you back to where your message recorder is.

Go ahead and try it out and let us know what ya think!

About Brian Casel

Product designer and founder of Clarityflow. Writer and entrepreneur who coaches fellow entrepreneurs on starting and sustaining businesses in software and services.

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