Edit your embedded video content

Kat Boogaard April 6, 2024

From Loom to Vimeo to YouTube, some of your helpful video content likely lives outside of Clarityflow.

It’s always been easy to embed those videos directly in a Clarityflow conversation. But now it’s just as easy to edit your embedded videos within any conversation or message template.

With the launch of this new feature, you'll see “edit embed” as an option when editing a message that includes embedded content.

So whether you need to update an embedded video link or remove it altogether, it’s fast and easy to do so—without having to start an entirely new message.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Kat Boogaard

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Customer Success Lead at Clarityflow. Eager to hear all of your questions, suggestions, and feedback about Clarityflow.

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