Top 12 Coaching Assessment Tools

Nathan Vander Heyden November 10, 2022

Before a coach can work with a client, an assessment takes place.

This makes coaching assessment tools an integral part of every coaching experience (and helpful to coaches and clients alike).

For coaches — whether your niche is business, executive leadership, sales, marketing, life, weight loss, spiritual, or something else — you need to know your client's goals, strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges they want to overcome.

Coaches can use their expertise to prioritize what needs to be worked on first based on what a client says during their assessment.

It's equally useful for clients — as they can outline and reflect on their goals and objectives for the coaching experience and uncover the roadblocks they are trying to break through.

What are coaching assessment tools?

A coaching assessment tool is an online form that coaches send to new clients during the onboarding process.

Coaches can also use them before a client says “yes” to assess whether a client is a good fit for your services and areas of expertise.

Coaches need to know: Can I help this client? Are they a good fit for my coaching program?

At the same time, clients must be confident that a coach is right for them.

Coaching assessment tools enable both parties to cross this bridge, paving the way for a collaborative and empowering working relationship.

Coaching assessment tool features should include:

  • Easy to create and customizable online forms

  • Forms coaches can share via any platform (mobile and desktop)

  • A feature to download and review client answers easily

  • Integration with other coaching software solutions and platforms, such as calendars, live calls, and messenger apps

Why do coaches need assessment tools?

Coaching assessment tools simplify this process. It also means assessments don't have to happen on live calls or face-to-face.


  • Coaches can send a new client an easy-to-fill-out online form (automatically if you set your systems up well).

  • A potential client can fill out their coaching assessment form in their own time. (Most people need time to think about their answers.)

  • Once a coach has this information, they can tailor a strategy and plan of action for every client.

Coaching assessment tools make it easier for both parties, creating a smooth and structured onboarding process.

Plus, this plays an important role in demonstrating that a coach is an expert in their field while giving coaches valuable insight into every new client.

Now, let's see which coaching assessment tools have made the cut.

Top 12 Coaching Assessment Tools

We have divided this list into two sections:

  • Seven software solutions for coaches to create their own personalized assessment forms

  • Five popular assessment questionnaires that coaches can use ahead of coaching sessions

Let's dive right in.

Software Solutions for Personalized Coaching Assessment Forms

1. Clarityflow

Clarityflow is all about asynchronous messaging, with assessment forms built into our software.

Clarityflow makes the whole coaching process easier. In one place, clients are able to fill out pre-coaching assessments, ask questions, and coaches reply and provide support without scheduling back-to-back live calls.

Let’s look at some of the features coaches and clients love.


Clarityflow comes with Forms, a perfect tool for coaching assessments.

Simply create personalized forms or questionnaires, send them to your clients, and wait for their answers.

Use this information to assess whether a new client is right for your program. Create a tailored plan of action to discuss on the next live call.


Asynchronous messaging is a valuable asset for busy coaches and clients.

Clients can ask questions or request feedback on progress between sessions whenever they want.

Coaches can more easily support clients without scheduling a live call — anytime, and anywhere.

Send and receive messages in any format that’s best for you and your client, whether that is video, audio, or text.


Clients or mentees are relying on coaches to give them guidance, support, and an insightful, fresh perspective.

As a coach, this doesn’t mean firing off the first answer that comes into your head. Take time, and give a mentee insight or information that will help them progress.

Make sure client messages don’t get lost in noisy inboxes or chat apps.

With Clarityflow, coaches can provide every client a dedicated digital space for messages, questions, and live chat coaching calls.


Clarityflow comes with all of the features you need. It includes numerous handy integrations, such as Slack, Chrome, Zapier, WordPress, ConvertKit, and many others.

Coaches also get a branded link and customizable intake form and client communications.

After every live chat session, coaches can automatically download transcripts. No more wondering what a client said when note-taking.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, $49/month Basic plan, $99/month Pro plan, and $199/month Plus plan

Ready to give Clarityflow a try? Sign up for free here.

2. Typeform

Typeform is a popular “people-friendly” online form builder.

Typeform surveys and quizzes are designed to show one question at a time, so they’re easier and more enjoyable to answer.

Coaches can use Typeform, which comes with numerous templates and other features, to send clients more conversational assessment questionnaires.

Pricing: Free, with premium plans from $29/mo.

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is another popular online form builder app, used by 17 million people and businesses worldwide.

SurveyMonkey comes with a wide range of templates, resources, and integrations.

This is particularly useful for coaches wanting to create assessment forms.

Pricing: From $39/mo.

4. Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM is a leading experience management software provider.

Qualtrics XM tools include a customer survey software suite that coaches can use to create assessment questionnaires.

It’s fairly sophisticated software that comes with numerous features, including analytics and multi-channel communications, so it might be more advanced than most coaches need. However, it’s worth taking a look at.

Pricing: Custom, based on your needs.

5. Google Forms

Google Forms are one of Google Workspace’s free tools.

Google Forms are included in business plans while also available to anyone with a Gmail account.

Google Forms are nice and easy to use. Simply create a customizable form, the same way you would a Google Doc, send to clients, and collect their answers.

Pricing: Free (with a Gmail account, and included in Google Workspace accounts).

6. Sogolytics

Sogolytics is a feedback and experience management platform with easy-to-download, one-click reports.

Sogolytics gives coaches the ability to create assessment questionnaires in minutes, and then quickly send them to clients.

Sit back and collect their answers before creating a customized program for them.

Pricing: From $25/mo up to $99/mo.

7. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a free online survey maker, useful for coaches who need to create lots of assessment questionnaires.

Coaches can use SurveyPlanet to create custom templates, receive unlimited responses, and include logos, branding, and images in the questionnaires they create.

Pricing: Free, with a $20/mo Pro plan available.

Popular Assessment Questionnaires That Coaches Can Use

First, let’s look at the ones that are most popular as life coaching assessment tools.

8. Enneagram

Enneagram is a free personality assessment.

After taking an Enneagram test, people are allocated a number, from 1 to 9, describing nine Enneagram personality types (based on behavior tendencies, motivations, and desires).

Enneagram is described as “a helpful tool for personal development, counseling, and building your most important relationships”, making it a useful assessment tool for coaches.

It’s one of the more popular life coaching assessment tools because it gives a life coach a holistic overview of their client's personality.

Pricing: Free

9. Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life is a coaching assessment tool, created to generate leads and grow coaching businesses.

Wheel of Life is designed to give coaching clients a “bird’s eye” view of their lives, as an assessment tool you can embed on your website.

This helps coaches capture leads and win more clients.

Pricing: Free, with a $149 Basic Plan (annual), and a $299 Lifetime Plan.

10. 5 Love Languages

5 Love Languages is a series of quizzes, an app, and a resource platform to help with relationship assessment.

Coaches can use 5 Love Languages and its quizzes when pre-assessing clients who want to strengthen their relationships.

Life coaching assessment tools like these are useful for relationship coaches, counselors, and even therapists.

Pricing: Quizzes are free.

Of course, all of these assessment tools can be used for coaching niches beyond life coaching but they are especially helpful for that niche.

But now we’re going to look at two that are perfect for coaches with an emphasis on our professional lives.

11. Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers–Briggs personality test, also known as MBTI, is a self-assessment questionnaire that gives people a description of their personality.

The Myers-Briggs test is a personality assessment where people’s answers allocate them into 16 personality types.

While this was designed as a tool for individuals, coaches can use Myers–Briggs as part of their assessment process.

Pricing: Free.

12. Mindvalley

Mindvalley is an e-learning provider, and one of the educational tools they offer is a Mindvalley Assessment.

The Mindvalley assessment takes 20 minutes; people answering are “shown a series of statements that pertain to your current lifestyle in 12 separate life categories.”

It’s a useful tool for coaches when assessing potential clients.

Pricing: Free.

Other coaching tools to consider

You’re now equipped with 12 coaching assessment tools that you can use in your coaching business.

But what else could make running your coaching business easier and help you deliver greater value to your clients?

We’ve gathered three additional coaching tools for you to consider.


Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can keep client notes, track progress, manage documents, and more.

You can use Notion as an organizational tool for your business.

Coaches can create a database that houses everything they need to run their business, including the assessment results of each client from any one of the 12 tools above.

Pricing: Free with an $8/mo Plus plan, $15/mo Business plan, and Enterprise plans available.

Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign (formerly Hellosign) helps you form and sign legally binding contracts digitally.

Businesses can’t run on good faith alone no matter how great your coaching relationship is with your client.

A digital contract gives security to the working relationship for both the coach and the client and creates a solid foundation for the coaching process to get started.

Dropbox Sign is a tool that facilitates that.

Pricing: Starting from $15/mo


Calendly is a scheduling software that integrates with calendars so that booking coaching sessions is easy.

Calendly allows your clients—and prospective clients—to book coaching sessions directly, without going back and forth about availability.

You can put in your available slots and leave it to clients to book whatever time works for them.

Pricing: Free with upgrades available starting at $8/mo.

Wrapping up…

At this point, you might be wondering how to choose the assessment tools that are right for your business and coaching philosophy.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer for you. That’s something only you’ll be able to figure out.

But a word of advice from us would be to think about the needs of your clients and your business. For instance, an assessment on love languages won’t be relevant or appropriate for clients focused on leveling up in their careers.

You can also trial tools that are free or have low costs. Use them with your clients and collect feedback on what’s working, what hasn’t, and what needs improving.

From there you can build a coaching tools tech stack that makes running your business easier.

Want to add more value to your coaching packages (without more live calls)? Interact with clients using Clarityflow. Grab your free account here.

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