Video submission software that lets anyone respond on video

Clarityflow gives you an easy way to collect video responses using intake pages where respondents can record and submit their message in just a few clicks.


From intakes to async conversations.

Start by sharing your intake page(s) with your audience, a group, or a single client.

When a respondent submits a video response, it starts an asynchronous conversation that can continue back-and-forth.

Clarityflow is primarily used by coaches who ask their audience to submit questions that start async coaching engagements. But it works wonderfully for starting any type of remote async conversations!

Read on to discover more about Clarityflow.

“I love to use Clarityflow for communicating with my clients. It's so much easier to use than every other tool I’ve ever tried!”
Kendrick Shope, Consultant
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Why coaches and consultants love using Clarityflow for video intakes.

The days of duct-taping multiple pieces of software are finally behind us. These unique features integrate seamlessly to power your business.

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Conversation starters

Async Coaching

Take in video submissions, then swap messages using camera, voice, or text messages in threaded, asynchronous conversations with clients. As easy as sharing a link, pressing record, and send.

Threaded Conversations

A dedicated page for your back-and-forth conversation, with sub-threads. It's easy to navigate and refer back to what was said.

Multimedia Messaging

Camera, mic, text, screen share, file attachments, embeds... Say it with clarity every time.

Camera video message
Audio message
Kickoffs done right

Client Onboarding

Create personalized onboarding flows for every new client, complete with a welcome sequence that leads directly into their coaching program with you.

Welcome Message

Welcome every client with a personalized welcome message (or use a template) that sets them up for success.

Automate & Scale

Onboard many clients with every launch and ensure a smooth flow that routes each person to the right place.

Client welcome video
Client onboarding
Interactive products

Courses + Q&A

Create and sell interactive courses that mix content from your coaching library with workflow automations and personalized coaching. Take video questions from students and help them get the most from your course and content.

More on creating courses

Personalized Lessons

Tailor each student's course content to their specific needs, wherever they're at in their journey.

Coach every student

Students can learn and ask questions of you (coach) or ask others in their cohort.

Coaching course
Workflow automation
Organize your groups

Group Coaching

Run group coaching cohorts and give members access to send questions via your intake pages. Keep these conversations going in dedicated spaces for group interaction, accountability, and coaching.

More on group coaching

Group Coaching Tools

Everything you need to organize your coaching groups. Async coaching makes it easy to stay connected across timezones.

Cohorts or Evergreen

Run group cohorts with a scheduled start and finish or grow an evergreen community.

Group coaching space
Members list
Build Your Business


Require payments before someone can submit their video message. Create sellable products that grant customers access to coaching, groups or other programs you run on Clarityflow.

Selling on Clarityflow

Sell Coaching Packages

Package your coaching offerings into value-added products that clients can purchase on-demand.

Subscriptions & Plans

Easily sell and manage recurring subscriptions, payment-plans or one-time purchases.

Coaching payments
Successful purchase notification
“With Clarityflow, I'm able to stay in touch with so many clients, so much easier. My coaching clients also use it for feedback in between our coaching sessions.”
Joel Eschenbach, Coach, Notion Design Group
“Other tools are only one-way. Clarityflow lets me have real async conversations where the other person can respond back on video. That’s a game changer.”
Tyler King, Founder, Less Annoying CRM

Questions to consider when buying video submission software

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Nope! Clarityflow lets you simply share a link where respondents can go to record (or type) their response, and send it to you, all from within the browser. They don't even need to sign up for an account!

Easy! Clarityflow offers the option to send audio-only messages, type text responses, record your screen and/or camera, as well as attach files.

And if you want to require or disable any of those options, you have full control to do so. You even have the option to set a time limit on your responses.

They sure can! Clarityflow automatically transcribes the audio from your video responses into readable text.

Yep! Share your intake page(s) with as many people as you want. Take in as many responses as you want, then continue those conversations asynchronously, all in one place.

Clarityflow tends to be most popular with coaches who use it to communicate with their clients and power their coaching business.

But many other professionals turn to Clarityflow for video intakes, async conversations, and creating interactive programs. From consultants, remote companies, sales teams, and educators—there's a wide range of use cases where Clarityflow can be the tool you're looking for.

Everything you need to scale your coaching business.

Coaching doesn't need to be complicated.

But it does need to be effective. Give your clients the best possible experience when working with you.

Client Messaging

Stay connected with threaded async messaging with video, screen, audio, or text.

Coaching Library

Turn your best advice, methods and frameworks into reusable content templates.


Automatically send messages to clients on a schedule or triggered on their interactions.


Offer interactive courses and workshops.


Create dedicated spaces to host your different coaching groups and cohorts.


Sell your coaching products and programs with buy now buttons and subscriptions.

Your Domain + Brand

Map your own domain name and branding to craft a bespoke experience for your clients.

Mobile App

Message with clients on the go with our native app or mobile web app. Clarityflow goes with you.


Audio and video conversations are automatically transcribed and available immediately.

Plus more features than we even have space for...

Conversation Pages

Export Recordings

Branded Link URL

Embed On Your Site

Intake Forms

Webhooks & REST API

Custom Backgrounds

Email Composer

Ask for video submissions with ease.